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Add or Edit Event Locations

Let's explore how to add additional event locations outside of your regular venues and how to edit the locations.

This functionality is exclusively available to users with Admin level access permissions.

Add Location

If you need to add more event locations, an administrator will need to access the Advanced options.

Add Location

  1. Select 'Advanced' from the Menu on the left-hand side
  2. Select 'Manage Event Locations'
  3. Select 'Create New Location'
  4. Add 'Name'- enter the name of the location
  5. Add 'Phone'- enter a phone number that people can use to find out more information about the event and to book over the phone
  6. Add Address- enter the address using Address Line 1, 2, Suburb, Postcode and State
  7. Add 'Website'- enter a website where members can find out more information about the venue or location
  8. Select 'Public Visibility' ' if this event location will be listed as a filtering option for the public when viewing locations
  9. Select 'Staff Visibility' ' if this event location will need to be selected for staff when adding events and filtering
  10. Click Create
  11. Click Close

Edit Location

  1. Select Advanced from the Menu on the left-hand side
  2. Select Manage Event Locations
  3. Find location under Current Locations
  4. Click on the field that needs to be edited
  5. Click Save

Watch The Video

All changes to locations will be instant. Locations cannot be deleted but if you deselect 'Public Visibility' and 'Staff Visibility' they will be removed from all views.