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Advanced Settings

Use this page to customise key aspects of the events calendar.

This functionality is exclusively available to users with Admin level access permissions.

Advanced Settings

  1. Select the 'Advanced' tab on the left-hand menu
  2. Choose a 'Single Name' and 'Plural Name' for the title of your locations
  3. Set how long before an event 'Email reminders' are sent in hours
  4. Set the number of hours for the 'Waiting List Window' - this is how long a person has to claim their ticket before it expires
  5. Set the 'Max Waiting List Tickets' number that can be requested by a member for a single event
  6. Set the number of hours before an event 'Refund Deadline'- this is how long before an event a booked in member can cancel a booking and still receive a refund when cancelling online
  7. Set the number of days after an event that an email for 'Event Feedback (is) Sent'
  8. Select the colour swatch or type a hex code to choose a colour that is used as the 'Calendar Theme Colour'- for best practice use a dark colour
  9. Enter an 'Accounts Email'- where key information regarding payment information will be sent
  10. Enter email address/es for 'Event approval notifications' to receive notifications for each event that is approved - you can input multiple email addresses with a comma between emails addresses
  11. Set a warning message with 'Warning Button Text' 'Warning Button URL' and 'Warning Message' and leave blank if not required- if filled this can provide members with key booking or event information and is displayed on the top of the public home view
  12. Provide and set API keys - do not tamper with these fields once you're set up

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