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Cancel, Refund & Unpublish events

Find out the difference between cancelling and unpublishing events and how to issue a refund.

This functionality is exclusively available to users with Manager or Admin level access permissions.

Cancel an Individual Booking

  1. Open the staff view on an event
  2. View current bookings
  3. Click the red 'x' to cancel a booking for an individual
  4. Select 'Cancel Booking' from the dialogue box
  5. Click 'Close'

Cancel an Event

  1. Select the event
  2. Click Edit Event
  3. Locate the Cancel Event Box on the right-hand side, add an additional message to the box if required
  4. Select cancel event, bookings with an email address in the LMS will be sent a cancellation email notification
  5. Bookings with no email will need to be contacted by your staff manually
  6. You can Un-Cancel an Event, but attendees will not be notified that the event is taking place

If a paid event is cancelled, remember to cancel attendees to issue a refund.

Unpublish Events

Unpublished events will be hidden from public view, but staff can still make bookings. You might use this function instead of the delay for bookings to create a URL for promotions, or for events that are not open for the general public.

  1. Select the event
  2. Click Edit Event
  3. Below the event information, select the Unpublish button
  4. An unpublished event will be hidden from the public
  5. At any point an event can be re-published by selecting the event, edit, and Publish event
  6. Any bookings will still exist on an unpublished event, it just alters the view, so only staff can view the event and make bookings

Issue a Refund

All refunds must be issued manually by staff when cancelling an event. Even if an event is cancelled, refunds aren't issued until individual tickets are cancelled.

  1. View the current bookings on the event you wish to issue refunds for
  2. Cancel all Bookings for an event by selecting the red 'x' next to an attendee’s name
  3. A dialogue box will appear with information relating to that member
  4. Click 'Cancel Booking’
  5. Click 'Close'
  6. If the member has paid in a branch, you can cancel their booking as above
  7. They will then appear in the Cancelled Bookings list
  8. Once a cancelled booking receives their refund, select 'Mark as Refunded'
  9. Click 'Confirm Refund'
  10. Click 'Close'

An easy way to keep track is to check the 'Source'. You can hover on 'Mark as Refunded' for instructions or on 'Refunded' for extra information.

Watch The Video

Any member can cancel a booking and receive a refund from their account if they pay online and they cancel within the refund deadline.