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Add Staff Booking

Let's explore how to add a staff booking for members.

Booking Members into Events

Your calendar URL will be provided to you by a member of your organisation. It's usually structured as, and the staff portal can be found by appending a /staff to the end, for example:

  1. Select the event
  2. Under 'Add Bookings' add the relevant information, all fields with * are compulsory
  3. Enter the members 'First name', 'Last Name', 'Age' if relevant
  4. Enter the 'Library Card Number', if an email is attached to the LMS record, a green envelope will appear
  5. Hover over the envelope to check the details
  6. If a red 'X' appears no card number is found on the LMS, check their details
  7. Add relevant 'Booking Notes' including but not limited to dietary information, requirements etc and Staff name
  8. Either click 'Add Booking' or the grey person with a plus icon to add additional people to the booking
  9. Click 'Confirm Booking'
  10. Click 'Close'
  11. The booking will now appear under Current Bookings

Watch The Video

Use the magic wand to add the same booking to multiple events.